Primera Experiencia Profesional


EP is a new way of facing the problem of youth unemployment, it is a training experience that allows personal development and vocational discovery with the help of leading companies.



method in and with the company


200 years of the figure of the apprentice

Unlike traditional approaches, the Pinardi methodology develops a personalized work immersion program in real companies. Thanks to on-the-job support that facilitates the acquisition of personal skills in an intensive and experiential way.

Salesian triple accompaniment—updating the figure of the apprentice developed by John Bosco in Turin in the 19th century—offers a unique opportunity to get a job thanks to the integration of social and professional skills in an innovative way:

Personalized social support

Professional mentoring in the position

Professional mentoring for development

What it contributes

a next generation project for future generations that will provide:

400 young people participate in a learning program in companies with social, technical and professional support, with job placement and/or educational return.

Evaluate the results of the project, the impact achieved attributable to the PEP methodology and the cost/result relationship.

Contribute to society and inclusion policies by supporting youth employability through effective and sustainable public-private collaboration models.




Guidance and approach to the company

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Work immersion

Training in a real work environment

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Educational return
Professional development

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PEP Primera experiencia profesional



The value of companies

Companies are the key and what makes the PEP methodology different.

The attractiveness of the training increases because it is 100% practical, and offers inspiring professional references and new jobs so that the trainee can plan for their future.

Companies are the heart of the PEP methodology, they are involved and committed in the design and updating of the training program according to the needs of the sector, in the development of young talent, and in the evaluation of the methodology to link the social project with the business project. , seeking to have an impact on the community.

Results 2023

Our program is the example that the alliance between young people, Pinardi and companies works.

This year alone, more than 400 young people from the Community of Madrid have participated in the program, 2 out of every 3 have obtained a work contract and 90% have improved their level of employability, 20 points above other traditional insertion itineraries . And, beyond the numbers, the positive impact it has on their self-esteem, autonomy and life projects is evident.

Young PEP participants have embarked on a unique path.

7 out of 10

found employment and/or resumed their studies


have improved employability


are building their own life project

Who participates in the program?


women between 18 and 21 years old


did't have studies higher than ESO


people of foreign origin


unemployed people with average work experience of less than 6 months


Companies are the heart of the PEP methodology and the good results are thanks to them. Companies involved in the development of young talent, personal development and youth work immersion.


pioneering companies involved with talent


mentors and tutors accompanied them

Learn in depth how our job placement program has transformed lives in 2023